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by Michael J. Solender

When Smita Patel and Nimisha Srivastava teamed up in May 2020 to launch Angry Nani, a purveyor of Indian spice blends and teas, the mother-daughter duo looked to bring authentic flavors and recipes for foods Indian families have enjoyed for centuries to Charlotte.

“My mom came to Charlotte from New Jersey two years ago after my father passed away,” says Srivastava, a research executive for a financial-services advisory firm. “She is an amazing cook, and friends and family simply love her food. She was constantly asked for recipes, her chutney, [her] tea and spice blends. We thought, ‘There’s an opportunity here.’ Angry Nani (a nickname for an Indian grandmother) grew out of that and gave Nani a new focus and purpose to take on as she settled here.”

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