For Chai addicts, grab yourself a 6-months supply of chai at 25% off the individual retail price. Includes:

  • 16oz of Organic Chai Spice 
  • 32oz of CTC Assam Tea

Makes ~192 cups of perfect masala chai.


Making it a Gift? Add a custom sari gift wrap for $5, including sari-wrap,  personalized hand-written note card and spice spoon.


Ancient Chai Spice: The only organic, freshly-ground chai spice on the market, made in small batches using high-quality organic ingredients with suppliers who care about sustainable farming practices. Pair it with Organic Assam Tea for the perfect cup of chai, or use it standalone for baking or as a rub. 


CTC Assam Tea: The perfect black tea to blend with Nani's masala chai spice, this organic black Assam has been sourced directly from a family-run tea estate in India. The tea is prepared using the CTC ‘cut-tear-curl’process to maximize flavor, crushing tea leaves and reforming into coffee-like grinds.

6 months of Chai