#queen14, the ultimate biryani masala mix made of 14 beautiful ingredients.

Includes: 2oz plastic jar of biryani masala and recipe for the perfect biryani rice.


Make it gift set with a silver spice spoon, recipe card, masala and yes, even the rice! Packaged in an adorable tiny gift box with ribbon. 


Biryani rice has roots dating back to the Moghuls in India, with Nani's blend including:

Dried Red Chillies: Popular in sichuan cooking, dried red chillies puts paprika to shame, with a more concentrated spice relative to fresh chillies.

Green Cardamom: Also known as 'true cardamom", these pods bring an elegant & aromatic layer to dishes.

Cinnamon sticks: Historically a luxury in cooking, it's sweet complex flavor has become a staple in middle eastern and south-east asian dishes.

Cloves: One of the earlier spice trades in China, cloves were used to freshen breath and later used in a variety of asian dishes with a sweet, astringent flavor.

Coriander seeds: One of the world's oldest spices, coriander brings a citrusy, earthy note to dishes and is one of the last spices added to preserve it's flavor.

Black peppercorns: Always ground fresh to enhance its fiery flavor and bring out other spices properties.

Fennel sees: A staple in aryuvedic medecine, fennel has a liqorice-like taste with a sweetness that pairs beautifully in savory dishes.

Cumin seeds: With evidence of excavations dating back to the second millenium BC, cumin is a historic centerpeice of curry. When toasted, it adds a nutty aromatic flavor. Bay leaf: Native to the Mediterranean, bay leaves have been associated with Apollo, the patron god of music & poetry; and give a subtle hint of pepper and pine, llightening up dishes it is added into.

Nutmeg: Henry IV was reported to have had the streets of Rome fumigated with nutmegs before his coronation. It's warm, slightly sweet taste is a heavenly complement to the many spices in biryani.

Turmeric: Known as the golden spice, turmeric has long been known to have anti-inflammatory and medicinal properties and is one of the staples of Asian cooking. Ginger: First appearing in China, then spreading to India and the 'Spice Islands', the ginger root has a rich history as a tonic to heal ailments; with an earth/citrusy kick.

Red chilli powder: A perfect blend of dried red chillies

Garlic powder: With it's first references 8,000 years ago, garlic has been used in cooking and medicinal properties with a pungent, spicy flavor that sweetens during cooking,


Carefully sourced, each ingredient is hand-roasted & ground for the freshest taste. Nani aims to make it easy for people to recreate her classics at home.

Biryani Masala

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