Start your morning right with a centuries old Indian elixir known for its immunity, indigestion & anti-inflammatory benefits. This 100% organic concentrate incorporates five essential ingredients (turmeric, ginger, ceylon cinnamon, coconut milk powder and black pepper), all freshly blended to create one month of wellness elixirs in the comfort of your home. Sizes: 4oz jar: 1 month, ~30 servings. 16 oz flatpack: ~120 servings Includes: complimentary silver or bronze spice spoon Making it a Gift? Includes spoon, recycled sari gift bag, glass & personalized hand-written note card ($5) Ingredients Coconut Milk Powder*, Turmeric*, Ceylon Cinnamon*, Black Peppercorn* *=Organic Why turmeric? Contains curcumin, shown to be an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant (think good skin!) & more. Why ginger? A powerhouse of nutrients known to help improve digestion, nausea, cold & flu symptons, reduce inflammation, support cardiovascular health & more. Why coconut milk powder? Rich in 'good' fats, fiber, vitamins & minerals that aid in energy (or ketone) production. Why Ceylon cinnamon? A better for you cinnamon know to help immune health, diabetes, blood pressure & more. Why black peppercorn? Known to enhance the effects of turmeric to get ever more health benefits out.

Morning Wellness Concentrate