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Enjoy the only gourmet Indian spice & recipe advent calendar on the market. Behind each number is a flavorful recipe and all the spices & dry ingredients to make 12 amazing Indian meals! Fresh ingredients and a time estimate is on the outside of each box to help you plan in advance. A unique foodie gift to bring some cooking joy to yourself or a loved one this December! Most recipes are vegetarian, can have vegan substitutes and 10 recipes are gluten-free as well.


Each box is handmade and therefore will all be beautifully unique!


Recipes include:

  • Shak (Indian vegetable blend, made with Nani’s Garam Masala) and Bhakri (simple Indian flatbread)
  • Kichri (Indian lentil & rice dish, with all the spices, lentils and rice!) with optimal khadi (yogurt soup) or enjoy as a side with Shak
  • Biryani rice (spicy vegetable rice with Nani’s signature 14-spice biryani blend)
  • Chana masala (curry in a hurry blend), serve with bhakri or pilaf rice
  • Bhajiya’s (fried lentil appetizer)
  • Shahi Paneer (creamy paneer masala), serve with bhakri and/or rice (pilaf or biryani)
  • Paneer or Chicken tikka masala (a spicy creamy curry), serve with bhakri and/or rice (pilaf or biryani)
  • Dal Fry (spicy Indian lentil soup) serve with rice
  • Aloo Chaat (a classic Indian street food potato appetizer with Nani’s special blend)
  • Masala chai (classic Indian tea)
  • Pudla’s (spicy Indian chickpea pancakes) eat with coriander chutney or spicy sauce of your choice; a great lunch or light dinner
  • Nankhatai chai biscuits

Spice Advent Calendar: 12 days of Indian meals


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