Taste Nani’s signature spicy coriander chutney and you’ll understand why she has cult following of chutney enthusiasts. Dip, drizzle or spread onto eggs, sandwiches, wraps, meats, veggies, rice & more. Handmade in small batches with only the freshest ingredients.


Place your order by Friday 8pm EST for pick-up at the Uptown Farmers Market (Saturday’s 8-12:30pm, 300 S Davidson). Simply select 'Uptown Farmers Market' within the shipping section.


Includes: 4 oz glass jar of chutney with an option to add on a selection of delectable, Indian street food snacks which rotate weekly. Items may include samosas, vegetable fritters, bhajiya's and more tradiitonal items to bring an authentic taste of India to your home!


Chutney: Keep refrigerated. Enjoy by use-by date on lid or freeze up to two months. Snacks: Warm up before enjoying with Nani's chutney.

Spicy Coriander Chutney

  • Ingredients: Water, Green Chillies, Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice, Fresh Coriander, Bombay Kitchen Natural Gathia* (Chickpea Flour, Water, Canola Oil, Spices) Organic Garlic, Organic Sunflower Oil, Fresh Mint, Fresh Neem, Salt, Organic Sugar, Black Peppercorn, Organic Cumin.

  • - All ingredients are fresh, natural & organic where possible. Nani cares about the supply chain & knowing where every ingredient comes from for a more sustainable product.
    - 100% recyclable glass jars along with natural and recyclable packaging.

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